100+ Secondary non-reporting stations with retail impact
Music Row reporting stations
New Music Weekly stations
Professional & reliable staff
Detailed bi-monthly Secondary AND
Music Row reports

Facilitation of Product requests, on-air promotions and scheduling of artist interviews
Specialize in promoting CDX tracks


What Clients Are Saying

"Airplay Specialists consistently delivers measurable and effective radio awareness during our national campaigns - we wouldn't release a record without them."
- Chris Thomas, Founder, Palo Duro Records

    "Wave On, Old Glory, Wave On," from the "This is My America" project, has afforded us the opportunity to work with Airplay Specialists, a radio promotion company that takes airplay to heights rarely found in the profession.  Not only did they deliver airplay...they regularly came to us with creative promotional ideas which, we feel, propelled the project way beyond the norm. We look forward to working with them in the future."
    - Mike Martinovich / The Consortium

"The staff at Airplay Specialists are friendly, accessible, and professional. Their bi-monthly reports were extremely helpful and kept me informed about stations requesting interviews and promotional product."
- Becky Hobbs, Multi-Award winning songwriter & recording artist

What Do These Recording Artists

Dolly Parton, Ashton Shepherd, Thompson Station, George and Georgette Jones,Rosanne Cash, LeAnn Rimes, Merle Haggard, Bonnie Raitt, DeAnne Moore, The Derailers, Rodney Crowell, Hank Williams, Jr., Billy Gilman, Shelby Lynne, Adrienne Young, Steve Holy, JoDee Messina, Eleven Hundred Springs, Two Tons of Steel, Becky Hobbs, John Cowan, Kyle Wyley, Con Hunley, Rustie Blue, Vince Hatfield, Floyd Flowers, Big Rain, Johnny Napp, Richie Fields, Justin Honaman, Jokers Wild, The Doo-Wah Riders, The Rider/Darren Hincks, Indian Rodeo, Billy McKnight, Connie Kis Andersen,(and more!)

What Do All These Record Labels

Capitol Records, Curb Records, Sony Records, Palo Duro Records, Image Entertainment, IMMI Records, Sugar Hill Records, Back Porch Records, Hag Records, Blue Moon Records, AddieBelle Music, Hollow Oak Records, Insight Records, Warpaint Records, Wonderment Records, 1203 Entertainment, (and more!)


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